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On April 14, 2010, the European Innovation Prize for cosmetics and raw materials was awarded for the eighth time in the categories „most innovative raw material concept“ (“naturals” and “functionals/ recipients”) and „most innovative cosmetic product“ by the independent BSB Dr. Riedel.


BSB was established in 1998 and has been operating internationally in the area of knowledge management with the key focus on chemistry and cosmetics. BSB is active in two core areas: raw material, product, market and trend reporting as well as technical consulting.


The innovation prize brought to life by BSB`s founder Dr. Jan-H. Riedel in 2003, is supported by business and aims to promote the global dissemination of up-to-date knowledge.



Get Together

Mr Kai Teschner (right hand side in blue shirt) and his art


BSB meets Art

This year, for the first time, there was a new section at the award evening: BSB meets art.


For my, there is a close connection between art and cosmetics. Because of this, I think a discussion with artists is very interesting


For this year, I was able to win Mr. Kai Teschner for the evening



He was born in 1963  and studied art in Montpellier, Duesseldorf and Hamburg.

He is an university teacher for free art and acrobatik at the school for music and theater in Hannover.

Some of this building high wall paintings are painted at conflict-filled places, which are affected by the problems of the people living there.

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The award winners in the three categories are


Most innovative cosmetic product



Skinoage Nanocell,Dr. Babor. The prize was accepted by Ms Dresia (R&D) and Ms Weber (Marketing).


Mrs. Dresia, Mrs. Weber from Dr Babor, Dr. Riedel (from left)


Second rank for Cutanova Nanosensitive Cream”, Dr. Rimpler.


3. rank : Platinum by Marcus Schenkenberg”, LR Health&Beauty Systems.



Most innovative raw material concept



The prize goes to Symsitive 1609”, Symrise and was accepted by Ms Maurin (product manager), Mr Schmaus and Mr Roeding (Marketing).


Mr. Roeding, Ms. Maurin, Mr Schmaus, Dr. Riedel (from left)


In second place: Phormiskin”, Codif


Third place: Syn-Hycan”, DSM



“functionals/ recipients”


The prize goes to „Ronaflair softshade”, Merck and was handed over to Ms. Xenia Petsitis (R&D).


Ms Petsitis, Dr. Riedel (from left)


In second place came Non-Nano TiO2 & ZnO”, Kobo products


Third prize: “Qollagen”, Ocean Basis



The winners were determined by two independent, international juries.


The jury for the category “most innovative raw material concepts” comprised Dr Sven Munke (Unilever), Dr. Sven Gohla (LaPrairie Group), Dr. Wolfgang Irrgang (Mibelle Cosmetics) and Dr. Alfred Markowetz (P&G).


All winners 2010


Jury „most innovative cosmetic product”: Ms Angelika Meiss (COSSMA), Ms Ute Amice (Seppic), Ms Birgit Haemel (S&D Chesham), Dr. Joachim Degwert (SIT), Ms Heike Kohm (BASF), Mr Stephane Ugazio (Dow Corning) and Ms Bettina Jackwerth (Cognis).



We would like to thank the companies, Symrise for their Main Sponsorship, BASf and Dow Corning for their sponsorship, as well as the „ BSB Innovation Prize Circle of Friends “ comprising the companies, S&D Chesham, SIT GmbH, Mibelle Cosmetics AG, La`Prairie, Weleda, Arch, Lipotec and Kracie Home Products, who have supported us and made the awarding of the prize possible.


Dr. Jan-H. Riedel

Hamburg, May 2010-05-07


The award will be supported by the "BSB Innovation Prize Circle of Friends"






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